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Software & Security Group (SSG)

Backup & DR Solutions

No organization is immune from the effects of an unforeseen disaster, be it fire, hurricane, or similar hazard. And a comprehensive, reliable disaster recovery and backup plan is essential to ensuring that data loss and business interruptions are kept to a minimum. Nubigo’s proactive data backup and recovery solution, along with business continuity plans, help organizations pinpoint the best solutions for their environment, all while helping to protect data from unforeseen disasters and ensure the availability of business-critical applications and information.
Let Nubigo help you gain a better understanding of how the solutions fit into your overall Backup and Business Continuity strategy and address these common questions:

  • Is your organization prepared if a disaster should strike?
  • Is your IT Disaster Recovery environment up to speed?
  • How is your company addressing and managing issues of customer privacy, data security and regulatory compliance requirements?

Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Nubigo has taken its best practices around Virtualization, honed years of experience and expertise, to enable our customers to converge server, storage, application, and desktop virtual initiatives. Furthermore, we help companies discover how to leverage the cloud as part of a broader IT service delivery strategy.

Server Virtualization

Maximize performance and reduce operating expenses with Server Virtualization.

  • Server Consolidation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Infrastructure & Architecture
  • Security Management & Compliance


Many companies are adopting Server Virtualization solutions to address IT productivity inefficiencies: underutilized capacity, performance, and increased management costs. Through Server Virtualization, Nubigo can help you to create a flexible, responsive IT infrastructure, aligned with your business objectives. Our end-to-end solutions allow you to:

  • Create multiple virtual servers on a single physical server for maximum flexibility, cost savings, efficiency, performance and availability. With Virtualization you can prioritize and allocate system resources on the fly to the virtual servers needing it most at any given time.
  • Eliminate the cost, complexity and performance issues of an under-utilized or inefficient IT infrastructure. You can better manage costs and improve efficiency based on your business priorities instead of chasing rapidly changing business demands.
  • Align your IT infrastructure with your business objectives, giving you more control over how your company adjusts to this change and, ultimately, achieve greater flexibility and consistency across the IT environment.

Nubigo’s Server Virtualization solutions address the following IT areas:


Server Consolidation

By virtualizing your servers, you are in essence masking server resources, which includes the number and identity of individual physical servers, processor, and operating systems, from server users. Consolidating these servers helps with reducing server sprawl, makes more efficient use of server resources, improves server availability, assists in test / development, and centralizes server administration.


Disaster Recovery

Using the right Server Virtualization approach can provide significant improvements to Disaster Recovery, including cost reductions and increased recovery times. Nubigo can assist your organization with building the most appropriate virtualization solution for your unique requirements, all while enabling an effective DR strategy.
With server virtualization, you can reduce the amount of time needed to complete full restoration to four hours or less. Among the reasons that make this possible is the fact that it is not really necessary to rebuild servers, applications or even operating systems separately because they exist elsewhere and can be brought back online. But it's important to make sure that those systems are regularly monitored to make sure that they're in place and kept up to date. It's also a very useful way to perform disaster recovery testing because you can run a test on the virtual image of the system without affecting your production system.


Infrastructure & Architecture

Our Virtualization expertise enables us to build a server virtualization architecture that grows with your business needs and technical requirements. How your virtualization infrastructure and architecture is built will dictate whether your virtualized environment helps you consolidate physical servers, space, reduce costs and improve resource utilization or whether it suffers from performance problems, virtual machine security risks, virtual sprawl, virtualization licensing and compliance problems, and other management issues. From the server hardware, operating systems and networking components to virtual systems management tools, your virtualized environment has certain requirements to ensure virtual machine performance, system uptime, and VM security and compliance. Whether you're building a private cloud or developing an environment for a public cloud, Nubigo has the tools, resources, and skills needed to effectively design and architect your virtualization environment for these requirements.

Security Management & Compliance

Virtual machine security and compliance has become an increasing concern. How do you monitor VMs for potential security risks and breaches? How do you prevent bugs from breaking through the virtual wall and attacking the host system? And which virtual machine guidelines should your IT organization adopt to ensure that your virtual machines are secure? At Nubigo, we can help ease the burden of staying compliant in a virtual world by bringing process and policies to your virtualized infrastructure. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for securing virtual machines, preventing virtual machine security breaches, and assisting with IT audit management for virtualized resources. Let us help you with:

  • The discovery and inventory of virtual machines
  • Tracking and monitoring of VMs to ensure VM security
  • Methods to harden virtual machines and how to create an audit trail of VM changes
  • Preventing software licensing violation and other guidelines to comply with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and more.

Application Virtualization

Accelerate application deployment and simplify application migration.

  • Remote Application / Server Based
  • Client-Based Deployment of Virtual Apps
  • Simplified Application Management


Desktop Virtualization

Leverage Nubigo's proven track record of simplifying and reducing the costs of desktop management.

Hypervisor Consulting Planning & Design Mobility Architecture
VDI Storage Architecture Advanced VDI Management  

Desktop Virtualization

Businesses today are increasingly turning to solutions that help reduce the costs associated with managing the desktop, while addressing business resiliency and security. Nubigo's Desktop Virtualization solutions deliver rich, personalized virtual desktops to any device with all of the benefits of centralized management. We help companies design, develop, install, and manage a complete desktop strategy including: Physical / Virtual Desktop, Mobile Devices, Remote Location Support, Windows 7 Transition, and Centralized Desktop Management.

  • Increase security by moving data from desktop devices into the datacenter
  • Improve business agility with faster provisioning and user flexibility with universal access
  • Improve the management of operating system / application updates, upgrades and version(s)


Hypervisor Consulting

A Hypervisor is the virtualization layer that manages the hardware (processor, memory, storage, and networking) and allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single piece of hardware. Nubigo will evaluate your business and technology needs, and recommend the right Hypervisor to optimize your Virtualization solution. Choosing the appropriate Hypervisor is critical to building an effective Virtualization strategy.


Planning & Design

What differentiates Nubigo is both our Virtual Desktop engagement methodology, along with the knowledge and experience of our Virtual Desktop Team. We recognize that each client environment is unique and that bundled 'one size fits all solutions' will not function in every client environment. We work closely with each client to be sure the solution recommended is the 'right fit'. Nubigo does this by following a time-tested, proven methodology that consists of:

  • Gathering data of your current desktop infrastructure
  • A detailed report of how your company's present situation relates to both existing and future technology needs
  • Research and testing, which can include a Proof of Technology and Proof of Concept
  • Recommendations tailored to your organization's requirements and constraints
  • Designing and architecting the VDI solution, including on-site training, support, and ongoing technical communications

Nubigo's approach has proven to be successful to the start of an organization's Virtual Desktop initiative.



Mobility Architecture

More and more employees are using mobile devices for work, which has led to one of the latest IT phenomenon's: "Bring your own computer or device". There are so many separate devices available, whether it be tablets, laptops, or smart phones. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers a good approach to managing applications and desktops on mobile devices. VDI keeps data and applications centralized in the company data center, all while allowing employees to remain in control of their own devices. This is driving an emergent trend of how companies are adapting to deliver secure applications to these new and ever changing devices. Nubigo can help you with your mobility strategy and build a VDI solution that reduces capital outlay and operating expenses, makes applications more available, speeds application deployment, and keeps your company competitive.

VDI Storage Architecture

One of the most critical resources for implementing VDI is storage. Since there are various approaches for implementing VDI, the solutions differ in their architecture and in the way it uses storage. For this reason, it is important to work with a partner like Nubigo, who understands how VDI will impact the different storage systems. We have the in-house expertise, technology, and integration skills to ensure a successful VDI implementation.


Advanced VDI Management

Nubigo has a dedicated Project Management team that will work with you to ensure a smooth adoption of your Virtual Desktop solution. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, it is important that we understand your company's success criteria and how the recommended solution met your needs. We also offer Managed Services to assist with ongoing management and administration of your virtual desktop solution. This includes preventative maintenance, service / help desk, remote system administration, and on-demand, fixed priced services delivered with a pre-defined SLA.

Storage Virtualization

Optimize storage management efficiency, asset utilization, and business flexibility to quickly reduce total cost of ownership.

  • Virtualization Gateway Analysis
  • Architecture
  • Management

Organizations today are facing explosive growth in information. Modifying storage infrastructure for many of these businesses means taking their storage offline - a move that analysts estimate can cost as much as $2 Million per hour, depending on the industry. Did you know many of these organizations are only utilizing 25-50% of their storage at full capacity today?
Get more out of your existing storage through Nubigo's Storage Virtualization solutions.

  • Tier your storage requirements for availability and performance
  • Use different protocols for data access
  • Change the data access as performance requirements change
  • One interface to manage all your storage
  • The ability to replicate between different sub-systems
  • Lower your operational costs by as much as 300%

Our Storage Virtualization solutions bring cost improvements to the entire information lifecycle data management, optimizing storage management efficiency, asset utilization, and business flexibility to quickly reduce total cost of ownership.


Virtualization Gateway Analysis

Virtualization Gateway Analysis helps companies maximize performance and price by eliminating multiple vendor management interfaces, and centralizing storage management based around application requirements.



We help define performance requirements and connection architecture to maximize performance, enable redundancy, and reduce costs in a centralized storage environment. Whether it be Fibre Channel, Network-based, or Direct Attached Storage, Nubigo can help architect a solution that takes advantage of these connectivity methods to maximize application performance.



Management of your data is a key component of Storage Virtualization. Nubigo will help you manage your business critical data and storage more efficiently through the right management tools.

Design & Implementation

Nubigo follows a proven, time-tested methodology for the design and implementation of Storage Virtualization solutions. Our Solution Architects will be able to define your storage requirements, design a storage solution using Virtualization best practices, and work with our implementation Engineers to ensure a seamless integration into your storage environment.


Optimization with Tiered Storage

Ensuring you are using the right storage at the right price, for the right application(s) is no easy task. Tiered storage is the assignment of different categories of data to different types of storage media in order to reduce total storage cost. Categories may be based on levels of protection needed, performance requirements, frequency of use, and other considerations. Nubigo can help with developing your tiered storage strategy and determining when to move data to these tiers.

Cloud Computing

Online cloud-based services with real people support.

  • Virtual Desktop
  • Storage & Backup
  • Servers On Demand
  • Software-as-a-Service

Cloud Computing

Nubigo’s Cloud offerings help companies reduce costs, increase productivity, and mitigate risk at an affordable price through the deployment of cloud solutions. Whether you are considering a Private Cloud, Public Cloud or a Hybrid, we can help you assess and determine what is best for your environment.
Key benefits of adopting cloud services:

  • Be more productive, mobile, agile, and focused
  • Easy access from any device, anywhere—all you need is Internet access
  • No large capital outlays; simply pay for what you use, when you use it
  • One-call support into Nubigo Cloud Services
  • Easy to use, easy to implement, and easy to try with no need for a large IT staff

Virtual Desktop

The Nubigo Desktop Cloud helps eliminate the cost and complexity of managing virtual desktops. Our offering delivers a complete desktop from the cloud, providing all the benefits of virtualized desktops without any of the hassles, without the upfront costs and complexity of traditional desktop virtualization. By delivering virtual desktops in the cloud, Nubigo enables enterprises to rapidly provision desktops to users on any device, anywhere, transforming desktops from a CAPEX to an OPEX item. Before you make any decisions on the direction of your Virtual Desktop strategy, first learn more about a highly flexible and affordable virtual desktop in the cloud solution.

  • Quickly provision desktops to users on any device (ie. iPad, Android, etc.), anywhere
  • Realize all of the benefits of virtual desktops, without large upfront costs
  • Better manage Windows 7 migrations
  • Enable contract employees to have quick access to desktop resources on any device
  • Enable remote workers to leverage their own computers while accessing corporate applications, and ensure security of their data

Storage & Backup

Online Backup

In this age of information, you need your production servers, desktops and applications running all the time. Now there is a way to recover fast from any data loss or server outage; and it‘s all delivered as one solution, from one vendor. Nubigo Backup Enterprise allows for the backup and restore of data from Windows®, Linux® and Mac OSX continuously. We provide customizable backup scheduling, fast network-speed recovery times from a local appliance and / or the Nubigo Cloud.

Cloud File Share

Cloud File Share addresses the critical infrastructure needs of businesses: file storage, backup, sharing and collaboration - in one secure, centrally-managed and easy-to-use solution. Our offering takes the cost and complexity out of securely sharing files with internal and external users. We provide a secure online file server that is simple to use, easy to understand, and affordable—all without the setup cost and administrative complexity of the traditional file server. Nubigo can architect a File Share solution that either leverages a cloud-only storage or hybrid storage access methodology to meet the needs of the most demanding organizations.


Servers On Demand

Also known as hardware-as-a-service, our offering is an enterprise-class, Internet-optimized computing platform that's changing the rules for mission-critical infrastructure. This powerful on demand platform gives you the ability to configure and deploy computing resources for all your mission-critical applications in minutes, not days. The hardware as a service platform enables you to control a pool of processing, storage, and memory resources to deploy server capacity on demand.



Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft's Office collaboration and productivity tools are delivered through the cloud with Office 365. Everyone can work together easily with anywhere access to email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars. Nubigo Solutions Group can help you get started successfully with Office 365 and other Microsoft Online Services. Let Nubigo assess your business needs and see how Office 365 can help your business move to the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Nubigo Solutions Group is an expert in the delivery of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM in the cloud. This is an affordable CRM solution proven to reduce sales cycles, increase closure rates, and improve customer service and communications. The Nubigo team can help you customize a CRM solution for your business, including migrating data, streamlining your business process, and launching your CRM solution in days, not weeks or months. Get a 30-day free trial today!


Windows® Intune™

Windows Intune provides a comprehensive, end-to-end Microsoft solution that includes PC management, endpoint protection, Windows upgrades, and more in one easy purchase. The Windows Intune cloud service helps you centrally manage and secure your PCs through a simple web-based console, whether your IT staff or end users are in the main office, at a branch office, or on the road. Get a 30-day free trial today!


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