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  • Servers
  • Enterprise Networking
  • Backup & DR solutions
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Professional Services

Nubigo's Professional Services team delivers consistent, optimal results through the use of reliable and repeatable best practices that follow a time-tested, proven methodology. Our 30+ years experience enables us to customize our services to meet each client's specific requirements, ranging from a wide selection of offerings that include: Strategy Planning and Architecture Design through System and Integration Consulting, enhancing staffing skills through Contract Staffing Services, and Data Center and Managed Services that decrease the burden of day-to-day support experienced by your existing IT team. Our services are delivered with the utmost professionalism, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Service is our best product.

Managed Services

Reduce the cost of running your IT operations with Nubigo Managed Services

  • System Administration
  • Performance Availability & Failure Monitoring
  • Patch Monitoring & Management
  • Help Desk & Emergency Support
  • Remote Database Administration

Managed Services

Are you looking to reduce the cost of running your company's IT operations? Nubigo is helping many customers with their IT services including design, implementation, and management of their critical business infrastructure. At the same time, they want the flexibility to make changes as business needs dictate, along with the ability to fine-tune the amount of control they hand over to a hosting provider.
With Nubigo's Managed Services solutions, organizations are delivered with the reliability, scalability, and expertise needed today, plus the added security for days to come. Our seasoned team of professionals provide these services on a 24x7 basis to let you focus on your core business, rather than day-to-day system administration. In short, Nubigo's Managed Services are designed to help you build a responsive, scalable, on demand business.

Nubigo specializes in the following Managed Services offerings

System Administration

Nubigo's system administration tasks include such actions as resetting passwords, assisting with basic shared folder creation and the associated permissions, creating and removing users from the user directory, adding a printer to an existing workstation, minor software updates, etc.

Performance Availability & Failure Monitoring

Nubigo utilizes a monitoring system designed to track the availability and performance of critical networking components, including designated servers, and managed networking gear (e.g. routers, firewalls, managed switches, etc.). The monitoring system will provide the Help Desk team with real-time alerts that will be responded to under the terms of the agreement. The system will also allow for the periodic production of reports, which are made available to your business.

Patch Monitoring & Management

Nubigo will utilize a system that will monitor the Microsoft operating system patch levels of known systems that run approved operating systems and are connected to the network. This includes servers, desktop workstations, and laptop/notebook computers. This system also allows Nubigo to deploy patches utilizing strategic timing based on best practices. Nubigo is also able to monitor and manage patch levels of Microsoft Office applications, and certain critical Microsoft back office server based applications such as Exchange and SQL Server.

Help Desk & Emergency Support

Systems or end-user problems will be handled in the most appropriate and expedient manner by Nubigo's experienced product, service, and preventative maintenance team. Customers are able to submit tickets into our web-based ticket portal, send an e-mail, call to speak with live support representative, or leverage our on-call service for emergencies. For client support, please call xxx-xx-xx or click here to open a support ticket.

Remote Database Administration

With Nubigo's Remote Database Administration services, we can help you improve Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server performance and reliability, security, and ensure proper backup and recovery.

Contract Services

Nubigo's Contract Staffing Services offer our clients the flexibility to deliver quality, screened candidates directly to the IT hiring team and project management teams. Our full lifecycle recruiting and consulting services are available for both short and long-term projects. Nubigo's internal interviewing and qualification process allows us the ability to source contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent direct-hire IT talent across a wide scope of diverse technologies in a swift and simplified manner. As a technology solutions provider for 30+ years, Nubigo understands its clients' technical environments, as well as their management and personnel needs. We have demonstrated the capabilities to deliver the highest quality caliber of candidates that the market has to offer. Nubigo is best suited to deliver the 'best qualified and best culture-fit' contract and permanent candidates to our clients, because we know the client team.

Our Contract Staffing Services include, but are not limited to, the following areas

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Onshore & Offshore Development
  • Short & Long-term Project-based Staffing
  • Vetting

Top 5 benefits of partnering with Nubigo Solutions Group for Contract Staffing Services

  1. Experience: Nubigo has built a strong network of internal and independent engineers, allowing us to identify available talent swiftly for our clients. We have demonstrated the ability to work with our clients and offer flexibility to have resources when and where needed with a quick timeframe.
  2. Technical Excellence: More than half of Nubigo's full-time employees are technical. Therefore, we have the ability to perform in-house, peer-to-peer technical screening to ensure the most professional and proficient candidates are delivered to our client.
  3. Efficient: Nubigo has streamlined operations, resulting in low overhead. This gives Nubigo a competitive advantage in meeting our clients' target rate objectives, evolving skill-set needs, and aggressive timelines.
  4. Timely: Nubigo does not require IT hiring managers to write up formal job descriptions. We understand quickly what our clients' technical requirements are - and can therefore save managers time for requisitions.
  5. Flexible: Nubigo can be contracted across multiple IT disciplines, providing a sole source procurement solution.

System Integration & Consulting

Nubigo's Professional Services team understands how crucial any decisions are today regarding planning and implementing your infrastructure, and how it will impact your business. It is no longer "good enough" to just get a project completed; the project must now be completed with less resources and correctly the first time. Nubigo works diligently with our clients to become an extension of their team in order to better understand their goals, and develop a clear vision of how to seamlessly integrate technology solutions that help meet those requirements and ensure that the solution implemented addresses end-user concerns, user training, and maintenance constraints. Nubigo also recognizes that fact that any recommended solution must scale fast and complement existing systems and business processes to deliver value.
The following System Integration and Consulting services help guide our clients toward sound decisions so they can realize the benefits of their investments, while elevating business performance through maximizing efficiencies of their technology infrastructures.


Our experienced and certified team of Architects, Engineers, and Project Manager’s work in partnership with the client team to reduce the risk and effort required to implement a new IT solution, and achieve desired results while ensuring a worry-free solution implementation. In partnership with a client’s internal IT team, we design, install, configure, and integrate technology software and hardware solutions, and finalize every implementation with related knowledge transfer training and documentation. Nubigo delivers successful engagements that are completed on-time, within budget, and with a high level of client satisfaction.


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