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  • Asset Disposal
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Information Technology Group (ITG)

Whether you are looking to acquire or dispose of your IT equipment, NuBigo can help your business achieve these goals in the most cost-effective manner. We have the experience and skills to ensure the best financing options that meet your unique business needs.

Reseller Hardware & Software

We offer competitive pricing, great delivery, and world-class customer support.

  • Laptop/Desktop
  • Workstation/Thin Clients
  • Server Solutions
  • Storage Solutions
  • Networking Solutions
  • Communication and Collaboration Software

Asset Disposal

Smart IT asset disposal services ensure data security, regulatory compliance, and best practices for greening IT.

  • Recycling
  • Certificates of Destruction
  • Consignment & Selling


Flexible leasing options to help you acquire the IT solutions your business needs in the most cost-effective and strategic way possible.

  • Operational Leases
  • Capital Leases
  • Rentals

Reseller Hardware & Software

Nubigo is a preferred, top-tier supplier of hardware and software from many leading IT companies. Whether you are in the market for servers, storage, laptop, desktop, thinclient ,workstation,software, or networking infrastructure. Nubigo has the sales and technical team to support your business needs—all while helping you reduce costs, increase productivity, and mitigate risk.

Why partner with Nubigo Technologies for your IT Infrastructure needs

  • Local Support Our sales and technical teams are located throughout India to work directly with you at your location(s)
  • Technical Excellence Through rigorous training, our team holds sales and technical certifications, enabling us to help design and configure your IT environment end-to-end to meet your requirements
  • Vendor Agnostic Nubigo represents a broad range of hardware and software vendors, allowing us to design the best solution for your business requirements
  • Competitive Pricing Having achieved higher level partnerships with many IT manufacturers, Nubigo utilizes our superior buying power to ensure you get the right solution at the right price

Our experienced team is ready to design and configure your server, storage, and networking architecture leveraging the best-of-breed technologies


Asset Disposal

Many companies must adhere to compliance regulations by properly disposing of their end-of-life IT equipment. Nubigo can help you dispose of your IT assets in a green and safe way.

Nubigo offers the following asset disposal services:



Nubigo has the ability to provide your company with a secure and reliable electronic equipment, electrical, and metal recovery service. We recycle monitors, computers, hard drives, wire, printers, phones, batteries, and more. Our knowledge and expertise in environmental electronic recycling, along with our partners, can deliver on a zero landfill policy and we do not export hazardous electronic equipment. We can pick up your unwanted IT assets anywhere in the India and dispose of them at one of our partners’ recycling plants.


Certificates of Destruction

When retiring your IT equipment, it is imperative that all data is properly discarded. Many companies have turned to Nubigo to ensure that all of their old IT assets get destroyed in the proper way. Our Certified Data Erasure services include:

  • On-Site or Off Site Erasure
  • Department of Defense (DoD) Custom Level Erasure
  • Disk Degaussing and/or Shredding
  • Certified Data Sanitization and Reporting

Consignment & Selling

Your IT equipment might not be worth much to you any longer, but it might hold value to someone else. Nubigo will work with you either on a straight acquisition of your hardware assets or you can leverage our consignment services. We will pick up all your equipment, ship it to one of our many warehouses for cleaning, testing , data cleansing, refurbishing, and boxing of your assets and sell them on your behalf. You will receive daily notifications of what has been sold to whom and at what price. We provide quality service and will get top dollar for your unwanted assets.



Nubigo's financing options enable companies to purchase much needed IT infrastructure to improve productivity and reduce costs, while retaining their cash for working capital needs. Our dedicated financing department will work directly with your organization to determine the best option for your IT needs.



Key Benefits

  • Convenience: Let our team work directly with the manufacturer and handle all of the paper work
  • Cost Savings: By working directly with the manufacture, we can ensure a more competitive rate
  • Expanded Purchasing Power: Allows acquisitions to fit into budget constraints
  • Flexible: In addition to leasing equipment; software, maintenance, and services can be added to a lease. You can also upgrade equipment in mid-lease; as well as being able to buy out, return or extend the lease at the end of the term
  • Easy: Obtaining a lease is a simpler process than most other financing methods
  • Fast: Since the equipment is collateral, it is easier to obtain credit approval

Choose from the following financing options to address your unique solution requirements and help manage your cash flow and assets:


Operational Leases

An operational lease is a rental agreement where ownership is not intended. An operating lease is not recorded in the general ledger accounts and therefore the asset and liability will not appear on the balance sheet. Nubigo offers three options in terms of an operational lease: (1) the IT equipment can be returned to the lessor, (2) theIT equipment can continue to be financed, or (3) you have the option to purchase the equipment at fair market value.

Capital Leases

A lease that "in substance" is a purchase and financing arrangement. When a lease meets certain criteria, the asset being "rented" is recorded as an asset and a liability is also recorded.




More and more, companies are realizing that IT equipment rentals are a viable solution to otherwise insoluble problems. Nubigo's Rapid Rental Program provides a cost-effective means of solving a variety of short-term IT equipment needs. From providing a custom duplicated test environment for software migrations and proof of concept projects, to boosting seasonal capacity computing power and disaster recovery preparedness, IT rentals deliver a cost-effective solution to even the most demanding company's equipment needs.

How Nubigo's Rapid Rental Program Can Help Your Organization:

  • Disaster Recovery
    Renting IT equipment can be an ideal option to any company when a disaster strikes. Companies can often be up and running in days, providing service and sustaining revenue. Not to mention, this also frees up capital and time.
  • Seasonal Spikes in Capacity Needs
    When seasonal or short-term capacity spikes occur (tax season, holidays, etc.), many companies spend costly amounts to build out the enterprise to handle the higher utilization. Through IT equipment rentals, businesses can increase capacity without paying year-round for equipment-reducing the total cost of ownership in your datacenter.
  • Business Growth
    IT equipment rentals can help when opportunity is knocking. You don't have to turn business away for lack of infrastructure when rentals allow you to "tool up" almost overnight. Short term rental costs can easily be figured into the special project costs and help provide services to clients at a level they might not normally be able to maintain.
  • Migrations and Proof of Concept
    Software migrations can be overwhelming if not planned and executed properly. IT rentals allow the migration to be tested in a duplicate environment in order to identify potential issues prior to production. This ensures that the migration is completed successfully, on time and with minimal impact.

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